Aquarium Cradle Swing

The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing is pretty much in demand among parents probably because it has one of the more identifiable themes. With its blue design and motorized mobile featuring 4 plush fishes circling overhead, it seems easy to soothe a fussy baby with this swing.

Just like the other Cradle ‘n Swing models, this one allows front to back and side to side swinging motions. All you need to do is just to turn the seat 90 degrees and you will get a different motion to match the mood of your baby. You can choose from 6 different speeds and a collection of songs and ocean sounds to soothe your baby to sleep. There are 8 songs and 3 sounds altogether.

As mentioned, the mobile has plush toys attached. On top of that, the center is a water globe with sea creatures inside and a light that flashes. This would help to catch your baby’s attention and stimulate his visual development.

This Ocean Wonders swing is suitable for newborns as well as older babies with its two position recline. For a newborn, there is a head support cushion and when your baby is older, you can also attach the bead bar to the toy tray for play when he is awake during the day. The seat cover is removable for washing while there is also a pug-in option to help you save on batteries.

The drawback of this swing is just like other similar models – the frame is wide and huge that it takes up space. Portability will be an issue with a swing this big although you can fold it up for storage and to move it from one spot to another. The motor also gives off a continuous humming sound, which may work great for some as a white noise.

But the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing is sturdy and most babies will like it with the attractive mobile, especially when they are slightly older. This is the most important thing because a swing will be useless if your baby hates being in it. Despite its faults, which you can read in the customer reviews (link given below), your baby needs a place to sleep and that place needs to be one that he will enjoy being in for your sake too!