Aquarium Swing

The Fisher Price Aquarium cradle swing is indeed ideal for a baby. But, of course, it does have its drawbacks too. For instance, once fully set up, it takes up quite a bit of space because of its wide base. The upside to this is that the swing is stable and sturdy. So, if you are buying this model, just make sure that you have allocated enough space for it at home.

The other minor problem is the sound from the motor. Some parents do find it a little too loud. But as in most motorized swings, you really cannot expect total silence when they are in operation. Usually, these sounds can be easily gotten used to and in fact, they can also be perfect background noise to put your baby to sleep.

All in all, the Fisher Price Aquarium cradle swing is worth a buy. It has its drawbacks, but if you value safety and practicality with its adequate features to soothe a baby to sleep, then you really can’t go wrong with this swing.