Fisher Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swing Review


Tired of swings that eat up batteries? Then, you should get the Fisher Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swinginstead. We all know how much it can cost to keep replacing all those batteries. When you use a baby swing heavily every day, a practical feature to have is the ability to plug into a socket and let it run on electricity rather than battery power.

The Fisher Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swing is able to do exactly that to help you conserve battery power.

Of course, the swing itself also needs to be comfortable and able to soothe your baby to sleep. This cradle swing has 2 swinging motions like most swings do with its side-to-side and front-to-back movements. There are also 6 swing speeds in total.

To keep your baby entertained, you have 8 fun melodies to choose from. An extra 8 melodies that are more relaxing will help to soothe your baby to sleep. On top of that, your baby will have 2 animal sounds that work as background noise for sleep.

For play, there is a mobile overhead with lights. When you turn on the lights, dancing butterflies will be projected onto the canopy to keep your baby stimulated. A removable feeding tray at the front has a bead bar too for your baby to play with when she is a little older.


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