Periodical Food Chart for Babies



The digestive system of babies is very delicate, especially for the first four months. This being the case, it is important for mothers and care givers to be equipped with the right information on this. In this article, we will review some of the foods that are appropriate for kids at different stages. The age captured in this piece is from birth to one year as this is the most delicate duration. Different foods should be introduced separately to make it easy to identify any allergens.

Food for babies

Birth – 4 months:

As per the World health organization recommendations, a child should be fed on breast milk only for six months. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, this is not always possible, and thus an alternative is inevitable. Within these first four months, when breast milk is not available to fully sustain, the baby formula is the only option. The reason behind this is that the baby’s digestive tract is still developing and solids would do more harm than good.

4-6 months:

At this stage, the digestive tract is still developing and as previously indicated the most ideal meal is still breast milk. However, when this is not possible or when the supply is inadequate to sustain the increased demand, it is advisable to supplement. This is based on the fact that the baby’s energy requirements have also increased. At this stage, it is possible to add pureed vegetables, pureed cereals that are iron-fortified, and pureed fruits. These are a great induction and preparation of the digestive system to solid foods without raising complications.

6 – 8 months:

At this age, the baby energy requirements cannot be sustained by breast milk or the baby formula alone. At this stage, it is crucial to introduce the pureed foods indicated above. Also, pureed meat for chicken, beef, and pork can also be introduced. Iron fortified cereals are also an important addition at this stage. For the vegetables and fruits, training can also be done to prepare the baby’s stomach for solid foods.

8 – 10 Months:

At this stage, the digestive system is quite developed, and the energy requirement is also high. It is therefore important to ensure that the nutrition at this stage is right and that the diet is well balanced. The baby food by age 8 – 10 Months should be compromised of; mashed vegetables and fruits, unsweetened yogurt, small beats of meat and other source f proteins. Finger foods could also be introduced at this stage to allow the food to be interactive with food. This also allows the kid to learn to feed them.

10 – 12 Months:

In addition to the foods mentioned above for the baby food by the age of 8 to 10 months, bite sized foods can be introduced. An indicator that the baby is ready for this stage is the development of more teeth and attempts to use a spoon. The baby at this stage should also have the ability to swallow food more easily.


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