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Great Tips for Buying Swings for Toddlers



Having a baby is a great responsibility. As a parent or a guardian, keeping the kid comfortable ought to be a top priority. Baby swings for toddlers are one of the ways you can keep a kid happy. With this article, you will gain insight on some of the important features to consider when purchasing baby swings. The major points for consideration are:

baby swings

The Type of Swing:

There exist a wide variety of baby swings for toddlers. To make the acquisition process easy and straight forward, it is worth identifying the type of baby swing you wish to purchase. Some of the most popular swing types available in the current market are:

  • Portable swings
  • Full-size swings
  • Rocker swings
  • Cradle swings
  • Glider swings
  • Bouncer swings and
  • Hanging swings

Typically, with the full-size swings, you enjoy plenty of functionality though highly limited. The type can also factor in the movement option such as battery powered, manual or electric swings. With this decision made, it is now easy to proceed with the rest of the parameters that need consideration.

Safety of the Swing:

The safety of a baby is of great importance, and this is factored in by the manufacturers of the various swings. However, depending on the specific application and the stage of the toddler, there are some important features to consider.

The safety harness strapping is one of the primary safety features that come with all toddler swings. The five-point strapping that comes with shoulder support is the most recommended harnessing. This is because it guarantees that the kid is firmly held in place as compared to those with the 3-point strapping harnesses. In addition to the strappings, it is important to consider the sturdiness of the framing. This is more so about the weight of the baby as fragile frames are a safety hazard.

The speed of the swings is also an important feature especially for motorized swings more so for the babies in the early stages.

Age of the baby:

The age of the baby or rather the stage of growth is also a factor to keep into consideration. With this factor, the element of the weight of the kid also comes into play. Ideally, you should go for a baby swing for toddlers that your kid is comfortable at the present age. Also, the swing should have a provision to accommodate the growth of the kid since this is inevitable. Lucky enough majority of the manufacturers have their recommendations on age and weight range applicable. As a result, it is easy to make a purchase when current age or weight is known.

Materials used:

Though this factor is often ignored by most people, it is quite important to consider the materials used. This applies to the holding area, the framing, as well as the strapping. This IS not only vital to determine the durability of the swing but also determines how safe the swing is. The materials used to make the swing should be such that they provide comfort to the baby. Also, in the event the baby has an allergy to some materials this should also be put into consideration.

Periodical Food Chart for Babies



The digestive system of babies is very delicate, especially for the first four months. This being the case, it is important for mothers and care givers to be equipped with the right information on this. In this article, we will review some of the foods that are appropriate for kids at different stages. The age captured in this piece is from birth to one year as this is the most delicate duration. Different foods should be introduced separately to make it easy to identify any allergens.

Food for babies

Birth – 4 months:

As per the World health organization recommendations, a child should be fed on breast milk only for six months. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, this is not always possible, and thus an alternative is inevitable. Within these first four months, when breast milk is not available to fully sustain, the baby formula is the only option. The reason behind this is that the baby’s digestive tract is still developing and solids would do more harm than good.

4-6 months:

At this stage, the digestive tract is still developing and as previously indicated the most ideal meal is still breast milk. However, when this is not possible or when the supply is inadequate to sustain the increased demand, it is advisable to supplement. This is based on the fact that the baby’s energy requirements have also increased. At this stage, it is possible to add pureed vegetables, pureed cereals that are iron-fortified, and pureed fruits. These are a great induction and preparation of the digestive system to solid foods without raising complications.

6 – 8 months:

At this age, the baby energy requirements cannot be sustained by breast milk or the baby formula alone. At this stage, it is crucial to introduce the pureed foods indicated above. Also, pureed meat for chicken, beef, and pork can also be introduced. Iron fortified cereals are also an important addition at this stage. For the vegetables and fruits, training can also be done to prepare the baby’s stomach for solid foods.

8 – 10 Months:

At this stage, the digestive system is quite developed, and the energy requirement is also high. It is therefore important to ensure that the nutrition at this stage is right and that the diet is well balanced. The baby food by age 8 – 10 Months should be compromised of; mashed vegetables and fruits, unsweetened yogurt, small beats of meat and other source f proteins. Finger foods could also be introduced at this stage to allow the food to be interactive with food. This also allows the kid to learn to feed them.

10 – 12 Months:

In addition to the foods mentioned above for the baby food by the age of 8 to 10 months, bite sized foods can be introduced. An indicator that the baby is ready for this stage is the development of more teeth and attempts to use a spoon. The baby at this stage should also have the ability to swallow food more easily.

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider


An alternative to the traditional baby swing is the Fisher Price Glider. This model is designed for newborns up to an age when your baby is active and able to climb out of the seat with a maximum weight limit of 25 pounds.

This glider has 2 speeds and just like many other Fisher Price swings, it can move from side-to-side as well as front-to-back. This is made possible with its 360-degree rotating seat. This same feature also makes it really handy when you want to make your baby face you during playing and feeding times.

The Fisher Price Glider comes with a canopy to make your baby feels secure. This combined with the deep cradle seat means comfort for your baby and thus, makes her feel relaxed and calm for sleep.

Fisher Price Infant To Toddler Rocker Review


Baby swings can be quickly outgrown. If you want something that lasts a little longer, then take a look at the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. Many parents get this because of its ability to convert to a toddler rocker. Then, you will still be able to find a use for it, long after you would have folded up and stored your baby swing away.

Basically, the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker is being sold as a 3-stage developmental baby item. This means when your baby is still unable to sit up (stage 1), you simply attach the toy bar with the toys at the top cascading downwards for visual stimulation. When your baby is a little older (stage 2), you will then remove the toys from the bar and hook them to both sides of your baby. When your baby is ready (stage 3), you can then re-attach the toy bar and seat and let your baby grasp at the toys instead to develop her hand-eye coordination.

Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Swing Review


The Fisher Price Aquarium cradle swing is a baby gear that is not only adorable, but also practical. If you have a newborn, a swing is indeed a must-have to make your life easier as you certainly cannot be rocking your baby to sleep all the time. So, a swing can step in to help you soothe your baby to sleep.

For this Fisher Price swing, you can get it to move from side-to-side or front-to-back with the 90-degree seat rotation feature. Depending on your baby’s preference, at least, there is an option for you because not all babies like the same kind of motion. This is also where the 6 different speeds come in handy because you can then adjust it to suit your baby’s needs.

Graco Lovin Hug Infant Swing Review – 30 Pound Weight Limit


Most baby swings have a 25-pound weight limit but not the Graco Lovin Hug infant swing. Therefore, it is a good choice if your baby is bigger than average and you want your swing to last you just a little bit longer with its 30-pound limit. It is called the Lovin Hug because it is designed to mimic the curve of your arms, just like the way you would hug your precious baby.

This model comes in several designs with different patterns and colors for the seat fabric and a matching mobile. Altogether, there are 15 songs and sounds to soothe your baby to sleep. A tray is provided at the front which you can flip up with one hand. Depending on your baby’s moods, you can make the swing go faster or slower with a 6-speed option.

The Graco Lovin Hug infant swing has a 4-position recline and an infant head support. The seat is deep to provide your baby with a sense of security. A 5-point harness for safety and a timer are the other standard features for this model.

Some have complained that this swing is hard to assemble. Well, if you are afraid that you can’t put it together after purchase, then just view the step-by-step video below. It shows you exactly how to put everything together in an easy-to-follow manner.

Fisher Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swing Review


Tired of swings that eat up batteries? Then, you should get the Fisher Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swinginstead. We all know how much it can cost to keep replacing all those batteries. When you use a baby swing heavily every day, a practical feature to have is the ability to plug into a socket and let it run on electricity rather than battery power.

The Fisher Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swing is able to do exactly that to help you conserve battery power.

Of course, the swing itself also needs to be comfortable and able to soothe your baby to sleep. This cradle swing has 2 swinging motions like most swings do with its side-to-side and front-to-back movements. There are also 6 swing speeds in total.

To keep your baby entertained, you have 8 fun melodies to choose from. An extra 8 melodies that are more relaxing will help to soothe your baby to sleep. On top of that, your baby will have 2 animal sounds that work as background noise for sleep.

For play, there is a mobile overhead with lights. When you turn on the lights, dancing butterflies will be projected onto the canopy to keep your baby stimulated. A removable feeding tray at the front has a bead bar too for your baby to play with when she is a little older.